The project aims to create a completely accessible cycle- pedestrian path able to connect the already existing “Via dell’Adda” and the new pole of the mountain, which will be located at the end of the green path. To allow the community and outsiders to easily take advantage of this axis, it was considered appropriate to reuse several disused buildings with new public and receptive use functions, in order to encourage the use of the new road and be able to re-appropriate the spaces adjacent to the stream.

In addition, to avoid creating a new break within the city, the transverse passages of the route have been strengthened. In this way it is possible for the users to get to know some historical places of Lecco with a short detour, but it is also an advantage for the residents as a useful connection is developed for the two sides of the stream.

Seven brownfield sites that will be considered with a new life have been identified, based on what can be most useful for the local area. Among the selected areas, three are the focal points of the project: to the south, the property of Leuci allows a useful space for the triggering of the cycle and pedestrian path, thanks both to its proximity to the station and to the one with the shopping center “Le Meridiane”; to the north, a space for mountain sports will be used, through the use of the important abandoned area, near which the pole of the mountain will be positioned.


Lecco, Italy




98000 m2